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Am I wrong if I say that the time machine was the cure???

The hospital is so lucky to have this number!!!

The soundtrack puts all the animation together, awesome job!!

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Overall good game, buggy at some place, like in the wolf cavern. The wolf just passed by me before the whiteout, and the lever was reset if we reentered the cave as the boy. Also when we return after getting the seed, there's no change in the actions of the npc's.

I really like the music. Good job on that!!

Damage animation was cruelly missing.

The concept is interesting, but the end deceived me.

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However I think the piano is a bit too clean, great effort otherwise.

Blackmajiick responds:

Thanks for the review. I'll pile more reverb on the piano as soon as I get the chance.
Maybe a low-pass filter, too.


The voices still sound weird, I'd like to take a look at it if you let me. There's something bugging me in there, it's like if you just put a high-pass filter in there, it feels a little bit wrong.

As always, brilliant.

Troisnyx responds:

And NG didn't even tell me there was an audio review! D:

I think you're quite right to point that out -- Step himself, when judging my NGAPTAC submission, noted that he has the *exact same mic* as I do, and to bring out the vocal presence, it almost always sounds like a high-pass filter has been put through that thing. What I do know is this: on Audacity, I tried to avert the problem by boosting the bass frequencies on all voice tracks, and then bouncing the tracks on FL and EQing them accordingly.

If you'd like the FLP with the sounds in them, I'll be glad to pass them to you -- please, please do take a look. Thanks for listening! x

Haha! Really nice, was looking forward to it! Way better with a good mic!

However I feel like the voice has a little bit too much mids, I suggest you trim it down with an EQ in a v-like position.

Everything else was astounding. Respect.

Troisnyx responds:

By V you mean V pointing downward in the lower mid frequencies?
At any rate, thank you so much for listening... and for suggesting that mic! :D

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