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Posted by TheZaaL - April 18th, 2012

I've been following Newgrounds since 2005, and every single week (ok, mabe not!) I've been blown away. While some music were absolute masterpieces, others were less... brightful.

It has been itching me ever since. WHY?????

And in the past 7 years, I tried to answer that in every music I found.

It was just in 2012 that I found the motivation to create an account.

If you want a true review, one which will point out weak points of your tracks AND make suggestions, PM me and I'll do my best!!

Oh, and by the way, I'm doing audio stuff, but generally I get lazy and just stop before the whole "make it sound good" thigny. AND I'll be slow at posting them, as inspiration is... not my thing!!

"I find that when someone's taking time to do something right in the present, they're a perfectionist with no ability to prioritize, whereas when someone took time to do something right in the past, they're a master artisan of great foresight."

Programmer joke!!!


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Me being an asshole:
You spelled review wrong. LOL

"Oh, and by the way, I'm doing audio stuff, but generally I get lazy and just stop before the whole "make it sound good" thigny. AND I'll be slow at posting them, as inspiration is... not my thing!!"
~We must be brothers.

Have a good a day sir.

Not animore!!! Revew is now speled corectlly! Tanks for letign me now, broter!!

to answer question; WHY?????
newgrounds system has always been dis way,
people vote and at the end of the week/month or w/e there's a few whom stick out.
and thats the best of the week/month or w/e.

its nice to have you around, someone who can give proper reviews,
but its hard to believe your reviews as you dont take any time to make a song sound 'clear' or as you stated; make it sound good :)

it gets me thinking; wait, he doesnt know anythin bout mastering, so wtf..
you know.

Yeah I understand your thinking. I mean, I may not be a master like YOU (yes, you are!), but I can do some things!

I guess I'll have to upload something then, like a small minimalist mixed loop.

And for my question, it was not about the ranking of the track, it's how good they sounded. I've already seen ABSOLUTE masterpiece here that didn't made it to the top 5, and they were far better than the ones that were frontpaged!

Edit: Posted! Name is "Mixing Test", adverage quality BUT mixed!!

Lol im touched.
to clear some things up, im not a master.
i whish i was, there's still a really long way up, period.
and to actually remain a standing position on this road is out of the question.
sadly it does happen.. eventually.

like now.. i feel bad for having a stupid 'writers-block' atm. its not really a writers block,
but its just something on my path i lost track of, something i threw out of my car window
and now waits for me to get picked up.
it takes more then just 2 hands to find this and pick it up.
and feels like sitting in some theraphy session until the correct answer has been said.

and yeah, ive heard allot aswell, better then the top5 week tracks.
i dont get it at ALL. and my personal opinion tells me its unfair for those who do not get picked,
but deserved a 100% to get picked.

but hey on the otherhand,
Newgrounds is one of the best major FREE-uploading/downloading site of all time. imo.

Aww... Don't feel bad! I would gladly send you my 2 hands by mail to help you, but if I do so, I won't be able to respond to you! But still, I think you're one of the top Newgrounds musician, even with a writers block!

hey thanks for the mood!
ive been trying to come up with a question, something unique, something no one ever does no more.
i think its rather unique, so..
do you have any sugar?
im all out right now, forgot to get it at the nearest supermarket..
i did get the salt tho.

Go ask this guy!!!

... creep...

oh hey wow i actually liked the short movie lol
been a while since i laughed about something :P

YARRRR Captain!!

You are a XKCD fan, I see. Programmers like us are miserable and annoying.

Yes, you are right!!! But hopefully, I'll be better by the time I graduate from computer engennering!

Now I get the XKCD joke (not the miserable)!

Salting is a technique of hashing passwords that deny attackers to attempt to bruteforce the hashes.

In real life, it takes web developers and programmers AGES to salt and secure their password database (ahem, I am a humble security expert; or another word, a hacker.)

Ahhhh, I never saw it that way!! good one!

And for your security... emm... 'expertise', I think I know that!

greetings, first fan ever! ;)

Greetings, mister!

Thanks for the love, Zaal! Goddamn who knows where we'd be without love!

Woah! Never saw that! Thanks for thanks!